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Building geospatial truth sets

November 20, 2019

Collecting and validating geospatial data for every commercial location in the USA and Canada is not an easy task. It requires aggregation of data from multiple sources and formats. This data then needs to be validated and decisions need to be made about which data sources represent the truth in the case of conflicting data. Safegraph does this weighing datasets based on certain criteria and using a voting system. 

  • Safegraph Data Blog   -- Cool GIS data stories from SafeGraph
  • SafeGraph Data Bar -- If you want to try SafeGraph data, you can use the code Mapscaping for $500 free data, no credit card needed. 
  • Safegraph Docs Page is our extensive user-centric documentation and releases notes, data dictionaries, etc. so you can ramp up quickly when working with SafeGraph data. 
  • SafeGraph is on Twitter
  • Auren Hoffman, CEO at SafeGraph Auren's Twitter 
  • Ryan Fox Squire, Data Scientist at SafeGraph, Ryan's Quora, Ryan's Twitter

This episode is sponsored by HiveMapper

A platform that takes video and creates 3D mapping layers based on that data. The video can be from a variety of different sensors, does not need to be vertically looking down on the geography and each 3D output is georeferenced!

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